The Proliferation of Love

[Adapted from a Facebook post.]

My dear friend Tim has started a revolution to combat bigotry, negativity, and hatred with positivity, support, and uplifting messages for others. I was one of 3 select friends he decided to “nominate” for this challenge and offered me the kind praise of being “one of the most caring and compassionate people [he has] ever met.” Tim, you are one of the most creative, candid and honest people I have met and am beyond proud to call you my friend.

With this, I nominate four of my friends for this challenge (couldn’t keep it to three):

Ryan:  You already know I feel about you, but you are a person everyone deserves to have in their life. You are a hard worker, a kind soul, always there to listen without judgment, and always fun to see a movie, have a drink, play guitar or all of the above with. Thank you for being my best friend.

Luke: You taught me how to own my masculinity, sexuality, and feminist/queer identity all in a very short amount of time. While we have an extremely limited amount of time to be in contact since your move to the west coast, what you taught me and the bonding and affection we’ve had stays with me every day. Thank you.

Leanna: Thank you for not only being one of my dearest friends in my freshman year of high school, but staying one throughout those four years and beyond. Those years were emotionally turbulent for us both and we leaned on each other for support. I am now seeing you do incredible social justice work around the world and I couldn’t be more proud and inspired. Thank you for inspiring me that, no matter what changes in course life takes, you can always serve others and in turn yourself.

Ben: My oldest friend, plain and simple. Thank you for showing me loyalty after 14 years, to never be ashamed of who you are, to do what makes you happy, and have fun along the way.

I hope anyone who reads this is inspired to take this challenge.

Peace and Love,



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