First Post!

Hello Readers!

My goal is to make this first post short and sweet. We’ll see how that goes. If you know me, you know exactly why I’m saying this.

I’ve started this blog fundamentally because I have a passion for writing and I want to practice the craft. The power of written language to create art and meaning has fascinated and thrilled me since childhood. However, I’ve made several failed attempts to blog several times before, dating probably all the way back to age 12 (I’m now 22). It used to be a fun way to just talk about my life and talk with friends, and also provided a vehicle for a brief teenage career in graphic and web design; looking back, I wish I retained some of that self-taught knowledge. In high school, I got out of blogging for fun, and then created a new one on Tumblr upon graduating high school, thinking it would serve as a vehicle for my independent music (more on this in a bit). However, it quickly devolved into what 90% of  the Tumblr platform serves as–a proliferation of gifs, strange and silly videos, and otherwise unwholesome material, so I eventually closed that blog too. 

So here I am at WordPress. What’s different this time? I had to think carefully about the answer to that question, even as I write this. Well, the first is the platform. As I’ve now earned my B.A. in Sociology and will be starting a Master’s in Higher Education Administration next fall, I figured WordPress was the most professional platform to choose. I also feel that, for the first time, I have a tangible and realistic focus for my blog. Of course, in my nature, I can’t blog about a single topic exclusively; however, I have a small number of topics I want to cover on this blog, of which I will list four here. My eventual goal, once I get into the habit of posting, is to dedicate one post per week on corresponding days to each topic and corresponding tags for each post. Again, we’ll see how that goes:

  • Higher Education— I eventually want to be a full-time professional in higher education administration, specializing in the field of student affairs with further specialties to be determined. My interest areas include student leadership development, career development, student union/center management, and academic advising for students with undeclared majors. Broadly, I want to work in any field that allows me to work closely with students to develop valuable skills they need for their college and life experiences.  I have paraprofessional experience from my undergraduate years that I will draw upon, and especially after beginning my master’s program and am active in the field once again, I will have daily experiences to compile into a weekly post.
  • Social Justice— As I mentioned above, my undergraduate degree is in sociology. I also completed one of my minors in women’s and gender studies. As such, I want to dedicate another weekly post to anything involving social justice, be it my experience, experiences of friends, news stories, etc. Fair warning: these posts, by their nature, will have a political tone, and I have a tendency toward liberal ideologies. That said, I will offer alternate perspectives whenever possible, even though they may be refuted. I am most well-versed in issues of gender,  sexual, racial, and economic inequalities, but may also comment occasionally on elections or other political climate issues as they arise. I also enjoy learning about environmental activism and may provide limited perspectives on this where appropriate.
  • Popular Culture— This is probably the broadest of my four primary topics; in fact, the below topic could be lumped into this, but I feel it needs its own. This topic can have anything to do with pop culture– movie reviews, book reviews, TV shows I enjoy, visual art I or others have created, fragrances I enjoy (which is the focus of my primary YouTube channel) or anything else related to pop culture. This is really to break up the perhaps heavier or less “fun” matter of the above topics.
  • Music— As mentioned above, this really does need its own category, even though music is part of pop culture. Music is my earliest known passion. I love to listen to it, compose it, and perform it. I even have an EP, Different Side of Me, released in 2011. I hope to have my first LP released in 2015, and hope to plug my own music whenever possible. However, I also may review other artists records, showcase local music from the Philadelphia, PA and surrounding area, or otherwise gush about music. I LOVE IT.

Any other posts not fitting in these four will likely be filed under a miscellaneous tag.

Well, so much for short and sweet, as I predicted. However, I really wanted to make sure I wrote everything clearly and elaborately in this first post, really to hold myself accountable to keep posting. I’m excited and hopeful, and I hope you, my readers, are too. Thank you for reading. Until next time.


Joe(y) Maysky





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